Different Types of Teeth

Different Types of Teeth - Dentist Omaha - Quality Dental CareVirtually everyone understands the importance of a sound oral hygiene routine, but few know what each of the different types of teeth do. There are five different types of teeth in your mouth and each of them serve a specific purpose. Additionally, it is immensely important to keep them clean and healthy so they can continue to perform their specific jobs.

Here at Quality Dental Care, we take pride in caring for our patient’s teeth. Our thorough understanding of each of the different types of teeth helps us protect those of our patients and keep them strong and healthy.

Before you contact our Omaha office to schedule an appointment, let our knowledgeable dental staff explain the different types of teeth and what they do.

The Different Types of Teeth and Their Purpose

As mentioned above, there are five types of teeth in your mouth and each of them performs a specific and unique duty. These different types of teeth are:

  • Incisors: The top four and bottom four front teeth are called incisors. These
    are usually the teeth you use to initially bite your food into portions that can be easily chewed.
  • Canines: The four pointed teeth on either side of your incisors are called canines. These are the sharpest teeth in your mouth and are used for ripping and tearing foods.
  • Premolars: Premolars, also known as bicuspids, are the next teeth in the series. These are used for chewing and grinding your food and you have four on either side of your mouth.
  • Molars: Your primary molars are slightly bigger than your bicuspids but serve a similar purpose.
  • Third Molars: Commonly known as wisdom teeth, your third molars are often removed, or extracted when they erupt in your late teens or early twenties.

Importance of Caring for Your Teeth

It is common knowledge that the health of our teeth play an important role in our everyday lives. In fact, the health of our teeth is immensely important to our overall health. Cavities and other bacterial issues can lead to an increased chance of heart disease and stroke. Additionally, missing teeth can cause your jawbone to deteriorate.

Luckily, if you have not taken care of your teeth as much as you should, we can help! We offer many dental services to residents of Omaha, Nebraska to help restore the brilliance and shine to your teeth.

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